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Top-Notch Deck Services

A patio adds beauty to the house and gives people a separate cozy space to relax and spend quality time with loved ones. However, if it needs reparation or restoration, the whole experience is ruined. Well, there is nothing to worry about because DuPage Remodeling offers exceptional deck services to customers. Our company has specialized in projects ranging from deck designing to construction and maintenance. The professionals assist the client in planning and designing a patio based on his needs and vision so that he becomes satisfied with the result. The customer can freely interact with the specialists and share his idea with them so that they know what exactly they are expected to do for him.

All the contractors are certified, licensed, and well-trained; therefore, the customer can trust them with all deck services. Also, they have completed many projects in the last several years, due to which they are famous in town for their quality work and dedication. So, are you looking for deck contractors near me? Ring us a bell today.

Deck Services

Best Deck Cleaning Service

Deck cleaning is relatively easy if the patio has been recently installed. Nevertheless, if it has not been maintained for several years, then the only solution to properly clean the area is the usage of chemicals. The experts use sodium hydroxide to emulsify the stain coatings, dirt, and dead wood. This chemical is used in a diluted form so that it does not react with the wood and makes the material even darker.

Our professionals usually go for down streaming for the in-depth cleansing of the space, or sometimes they apply the liquid solutions with the help of a custom-built battery-powered pump. This equipment is specifically used to remove stubborn stains. In contrast, the pressure washer is used for transparent or semi-transparent stains in which a minimal amount of sodium hydroxide is added to the water. The water pressure quickly clears the marks away, and successful deck restoration occurs. So, without wasting any further time, call us now and avail the best and reliable deck cleaning services.

Professionals Deck Cleaner Installation

Our professionals are skilled at installing a deck, which is why they have successfully installed 100+ patios. The team spaces the joists in the center depending upon the board’s size and whether it has to be used for the residential or commercial sector. On the other hand, it pays immense attention to the gapping so that the boards’ drainage, expansion, and contraction happen without any hurdles. It always follows gapping guidelines for width-to-width and end-to-end measurements.

The deck services experts use composite screws to fasten the boards to joists and always avoid the exterior ones because they can have an unsightly mushroom effect on the surface that does not look good. Finally, when the decking has to be done, the boards are placed according to the client’s choice, as he can select from lighter and darker tones and streaked planks. We usually recommend the lighter tones to those who live in a hot climate because the darker the color, the hotter the patio feels. So, are you searching for a deck installation near me? Contact us today.

Concrete Pool Deck Painting

If one wants to cover the minor blemishes or leaf litter from the pool, he should always opt for concrete pool deck painting since the colors are opaque. Initially, the professionals fill the cracks to obtain a smooth surface to ensure that the paint lasts longer. Then, a power wash deck cleaner cleans the surface so the coloring does not look messy. Afterward, some hours are given to the patio to dry so the paint properly adheres to the concrete.

The paint is applied in two coats to give full coverage to the area, and then lastly, the sealing is done if necessary or if the decking is too old. So, are you seeking decks companies near me? Connect with us now because we make the patios look as good as new and provide a long-lasting shine to them.

Deck Restoration Services

Is your patio weathered and in need of repair? Do not panic because we are here to assist you. The company offers restoration deck services for all kinds of wood, including pressure-treated pine, cedar, redwood, mahogany, teak, ipe, and many other species. The specialists ensure that the wooden material’s natural beauty restores well and does not look ugly or old.

If there are any holes in the planks, they are appropriately filled with the sealants so they do not expand further and become challenging to repair. Moreover, the same treatment is given to the slits, whether big or small. Moreover, the polish is never ignored either because sometimes the paint does not need to be renewed, but still, the patio looks quite dull. Hence, the experts apply wood polish on the entire area, which starts gleaming and gives a fantastic impression to everyone around. If you need deck restoration services, contact us today. Moreover, our company provide different services.

Affordable Patio Services

Whether the deck refinishing has to be done or a new patio has to be installed, our company offers all the services at exceptionally economical rates. The biggest reason behind the success of our organization is that we provide first-rate deck services at affordable rates. The quote is always prepared by keeping the customer’s budget and satisfaction in mind, so it seldom happens that any client asks for further negotiation.

We always respect the decisions of our customers, so even if they ask to negotiate over the rates, the company is willing to do that. In addition, it is ensured that such an amount is decided that keeps both parties contented and no conflict occurs between them during or after the project. So, without wasting a minute, ring us a bell now, and we will immediately provide you with a reasonable quote. Also, do not forget to avail the opportunity of a free consultation session because it is valid for limited time only.