Siding Services

Providing Best Siding Services

Do you want to add a weatherproof layer to your property? DuPage Remodeling offers superb siding services that do not only involve installment but also reparation and maintenance assistance. All the professionals are skilled, certified, and well-trained, so they wind the project up efficiently and quickly. On the other hand, high-quality tools are used in the assistance that makes the procedures more effective.

While booking the order for home siding services, the customer service representative always collects some essential and significant details regarding the cladding. So, it helps deciding about how much reparation is required or how the appropriate maintenance can be done. In contrast, if the installation or replacement has to be done, premium quality materials are used to produce the claddings that last longer and do their job right. So, are you looking for siding services near me? Contact us today.

Siding Services

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Service

Our siding cleaning service are simple yet technical because we thoroughly scrub the area and take care of it. A soft cloth and an ordinary long-handled and soft bristle brush are used to wash the vinyl. Whereas, for the textured surfaces, only a brush is utilized so that the grooves in the texture remain stain-free.


Our technical way of providing siding services involves a unique pattern due to which the cleaning is done in the best way possible, and not even a single scratch or crack occurs.  We start from the bottom of the house and work up. Then, the liquid solution is rinsed and dried. If the property has brick facing, the experts cover it up so it is not affected during the runoff. So, are you searching for vinyl siding cleaning service near me? Call us now!


If we talk about aluminum siding cleaning services, the chemical solution is mixed with a gallon of water. Then the specialists wet the section with the garden hose or less pressure washer. Afterward, the surface is cleaned with the brush, and the scrubbing is done carefully to prevent damage.


Expert of Siding Repair Services

If holes in the cladding make it prone to get damage and the extension of the existing defects. The experts of siding services use a zip tool to unlock the damaged section and a pry bar to remove any nails that have fastened the cladding into place. Then, foil tape is used to cover the hole adequately at the back of the cladding.


Afterward, with the help of a caulk gun, an even layer of caulk is applied to the exposed part of the tape. Lastly, the cladding is again placed as it was fixed before. The nails are fastened so that the piece does not move from its place because there are high chances for it to fall off without the screws, which can lead to breakage.


Famous Home Siding Repair 

Our home siding repair services are famous, and the reason behind it is that we always try to keep the customer’s property safe while working on the project. We always ensure that he gets the desired results at the end.


Therefore, they do not directly start working on the holes or cracks but clean them first so that any unnecessary material or dirt sticking to the cladding can be removed beforehand. The task is done with just a sponge, soap, and water, and the caulking process starts after drying so that the sealant stays in its place for longer. So, are you seeking siding repair services? Connect with us today.


Top-Quality Siding Installation Services

Since the installation or siding replacement service is a significant project, the specialists thoroughly inspect the home after the order placement. They review the material options and then discuss the requirements and budget with the client so that no inconvenience occurs during the project, and it runs smoothly.


Our technicians are very talented, so if the customer is uncomfortable with the on-site inspection, we can also take the measurement remotely. There is a guarantee that only top-quality material and trustworthy installers become part of the installation so that the quality of work never gets compromised.

Our siding installation service is precise and straightforward, so we ensure that many screws or nails are not used while fitting the cladding because they do not give a good look. Also, if they are more in number, their collective rusting can affect the claddings and weaken them. The wide variety of claddings available with us is made up of different materials like vinyl and aluminum so that customer always has a choice to choose the one he likes. If he gets skeptical while deciding, our team is always there to guide him. So, without wasting a minute, ring us a bell now for top-notch siding servicesMoreover, our company provide different services.


Affordable Cladding Assistance Services

Only a few companies offer siding services because they are not that common, so they charge a huge amount for the assistance. However, the good news is that DuPage Remodeling is providing the services at highly reasonable rates. The quote is usually based on the home’s specific requirements, unique measurements, and the client’s cladding. Hence, there might be a difference between the amounts paid by different customers depending upon the specifications of their property. Nevertheless, there is a guarantee that we always prepare a fair quote that does not disturb the client’s budget and keeps him contented throughout the project.


In fact, even emergency services are also available at affordable rates, so the customer never has to pay any extra amount for them, and he can enjoy assistance at the standard rates with the same quality of work. So, what are you waiting for then? Get in touch with us now, and we will provide you with affordable siding services whenever you want. Furthermore, do not forget to have a free consultation session with our specialists because it is only valid for a limited time.